Become a certified phlebotomist with ACA

Become a certified phlebotomist with ACA
March 14, 2013 Phlebotomy Training Group

ACA Application Requirements

Find the ACA Application here.

Several requirements are necessary to become certified as a phlebotomy technician with the ACA. These requirements include completion of an accredited phlebotomy program and no less than one year of work experience. Proof of clinical work hours and detailed documentation of the candidate’s experience with dermal punctures and venipunctures are required as well.

ACA Certified Phlebotomist

Once a candidate completes the application, he/she can mail it with her $100 payment and all the other documentation listed on the application to:

American Certification Agency

PO Box 58

Osceola, Indiana 46561

Certification is valid for two years. Members are required to pay a recertification fee and provide information related to their continuing education. The recertification fees vary depending on the member’s continuing education status.

Each member must complete no less than 0.5 hours of continued education each month she is certified. For example, if an individual is certified for 12 months, she should take at least 6 hours of continuing education classes during that time. Member’s can purchase continuing education classes for a reduced price from the ACA.

An outline of the certification exam is not available at this site. However, it is expected that the ACA exam is similar to the other certification exams available at the other agencies.

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