How to obtain financial aid and/or find grants and scholarships to help you pay for your phlebotomy courses. Everything you need to know!

How to obtain financial aid and/or find grants and scholarships to help you pay for your phlebotomy courses. Everything you need to know!
December 2, 2012 Phlebotomy Training Group

Completing a phlebotomy program enables you to get the skills you need to become a phlebotomist. Once you have finished your training, you can become certified with one of the nationwide certifying organizations and you will be well on your way to a rewarding career as a phlebotomist.

Can I Apply for Financial Aid to Help Me Pay for My Training?

Yes, you can.

How do I Obtain Financial Aid?

You will only be able to obtain financial aid if it is offered for phlebotomy courses at the school you choose to attend. It is important to remember that some medical centers and schools offer their students a fixed amount of financial aid opportunities.

If My School Only Offers a Fixed Amount of Aid, What Should I Do?

When you apply for training at the school, you should be directed to their financial aid department or an online website.

Why Would I Be Directed to a Website?

The information about grants and financial aid are presented on these sites to let people know about the opportunities available to them. These sites are designed to show people what careers they can train for and that some people could be eligible for financial aid/grants. At some schools, for those who qualify, they can attend school free of charge.

Finance your Phlebotomy Training

How Could I Take Advantage of Financial Aids/Grants or Apply for Free Phlebotomy Training?

To make your training less expensive, you need to employ several practices. First, you need to apply for the financial aid as soon as you are aware it exists. This is imperative because you are not the only student applying for assistance.

Why is Applying Early So Important?

There will be thousands of other students applying as well. These openings disappear rather quickly. You will need to gather information about your parents’ salaries and your salary.

You will need to put numerous forms and information together which could take some time. For these reasons, the earlier you apply the better.

How Long will it Take to Find Out if I Qualify for Financial Aid?

The waiting time for a response could last as little as a few short weeks or as long as several months.

Can I Only Apply for One Kind of Financial Assistance?

No, take advantage of any financial aid and/or grants that you find online or find out about through the financial aid department at your school. By doing this, you can tremendously increase your chances of obtaining some kind of assistance.

Use State and Federal Financial Aid

Pell Grants

Pell grants are another financial aid opportunity to consider. See if the program you are interested in would be acceptable for this type of grant.


If you want to use grants to obtain a free degree-based phlebotomy course, you will need to attend a four-year college or community college. You need to enroll in a lab technician/medical assistant program. You will file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with your community program.

Degree-Based Phlebotomy/Medical Assistant Programs

For a degree-based phlebotomy/medical assistant program offered at one of the community colleges in your area, you will need to apply for federal financial aid online.

When searching the internet for information use the search terms:

  • Grants;
  • Scholarships; and
  • Financial aid.

In conjunction with:

  • Medical;
  • Phlebotomy; and
  • Healthcare.

Ask About Financial Aid Opportunities at the School Offering Phlebotomy Courses in Your Community

Speak to the financial aid officer at your local phlebotomy school concerning scholarships and grants that may be available.

Use Every Option Available to You

By finding as much information as possible on the internet and asking individuals in the financial aid departments of the school you want to attend you maximize the chance that you will successfully receive the lowest price possible for your phlebotomy courses.

Always Put Your Best Foot Forward

Put your best foot forward when applying for financial aid. Because it is limited, it can be very competitive. The more essays and applications you submit, the better chance you have at receiving assistance.

Honesty is Essential

Some people try to inflate their resumes by writing incorrect salary information, because they think they may not qualify financially. These actions usually do not work and you could be banned from that organization and their sponsors if they find out you are misrepresenting yourself.

How Does Financial Aid Work?

When you are about to begin school, the majority of financial aid programs request documentation from the school you choose to attend. As soon as the semester starts, whatever financial aid you have qualified for will be applied to your tuition, school supplies and textbooks.

I Have Heard that You can Get Paid to Go to School for Phlebotomy, is This True?

If you agree to work for an establishment once you complete your training, some phlebotomy programs will not only pay your tuition, but pay you a wage as well. The amount of time you will need to work for the establishment will be determined before you start your training program.

Are There Any Other Discounts Available That I Should Know About?

Yes, there are schools that will decrease the tuition amount if the amount is paid in full within a particular amount of time. For example, one school offers a $100 decrease in the price of tuition if the student has it paid in full by the first day of class.

In California, Regional Occupations Programs (ROP) often provides training programs for recipients of state aid. Individual counties offer these programs to those on state aid at a very low-cost or, if the individual qualifies, for free. A phlebotomy certification program is offered by the ROP.

Schools & Free Courses

Below are several sources you may be able to utilize to receive free phlebotomy / lab technician training:

GI Bill

An individual can use veterans’ education benefits to take a phlebotomy technician training program. The majority of schools will accept VA GI Bill benefits.

Workforce New York Grant Programs

The Workforce New York Grant Programs provide workers who have become unemployed due to layoffs with education grants to find a new career. This program allows individuals to take phlebotomy certification courses.

Vocational Retraining

There is a program similar to the Workforce New York Program available in Massachusetts called Vocational Retraining. This school also allows individuals to take phlebotomy certification courses.

The Red Cross Offers Venipuncture & Blood Drawing Safety Courses

A common way individuals become phlebotomists is through a program offered by the Red Cross. This course runs between $1,000 to $5,600, depending. If you are interested in obtaining free certification training you will need to seek out other sources of information and financial aid.

Is it More Difficult to Obtain Financial Aid for Phlebotomy?

Unfortunately, this is true. It is somewhat more difficult for phlebotomy students to receive financial aid for school. You will need to find a financial aid program that will cover your tuition that have no restrictions on giving you back the remaining balance if your aid exceeds the tuition cost.

Another reason that phlebotomy students have more difficulty receiving financial aid is because the majority of programs know that phlebotomy courses are relatively inexpensive in comparison to the traditional four-year college. That said, if you are planning on taking a degree-program for phlebotomy, you should be able to obtain financial aid easier.

These restrictions attempt to combat improper use of the awarded financial aid assistance monies.

Since it is Probably Going to Be More Difficult to Obtain Financial Aid for a Phlebotomy Program, Should I Just Forget About it?

While many students decide not to attempt applying for financial aid or grants because certificate programs are rather inexpensive. However, it is still recommended that you go ahead and fill out the FAFSA. You will never know what assistance you could receive unless you try.


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