Phlebotomy Training in Minnesota (MN)

Phlebotomy Training in Minnesota (MN)
January 29, 2013 Phlebotomy Training Group

Training to become a phlebotomist in the state of Minnesota is a fast and easy way to enter the allied-health community. The training process includes the study of the human body system in courses such as anatomy and physiology.

Training also includes the study of phlebotomy procedures and the proper use of the respective equipment. Phlebotomists in training will also be required to complete practical skills in a clinical or hospital setting.

Upon successful completion of all coursework, students will be rewarded with a phlebotomy credential rendered by such training school or program. This credential is recognized by the state of Minnesota. As such, a graduating student can legally practice his or her phlebotomy skills in the workforce.

Phlebotomy Training MN - Working as a phlebotomist in Minnesota

Although such credential is recognized by the state and is sufficient for employment, most employers do not hire phlebotomy technicians with just a single, standard credential. In order for phlebotomists to prove themselves as worthy professionals, they must possess certification from one of the national certification agencies recognized by Minnesota. This is solely for the purposes of employment; it is not mandated by this state. These agencies include the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the National Phlebotomy Association.

Finding Schools in Minnesota

This state has many schools and training programs that are qualified to offer the necessary training for students to work as professionals in their chosen field of study. Upon the completion of all coursework a student will earn a certificate, diploma or degree. The type of credential earned depends on the institution and the length of program studied. A program consisting of three to six weeks of study will qualify a student to earn a certificate. A two to six month program will provide a diploma.


A student can obtain an associate degree by completing a 24 month program at a community college. Northland Community & Technical College and Minneapolis Community and Technical College are two schools that offer phlebotomy courses.

Northland Community & Technical College offers a training program that provides theory and practical learning. Internship is available to those who successfully complete the academic coursework. Upon completion, students are eligible to work as professional phlebotomists. This college has two campuses. One is located in East Grand Forks and the other campus is in Thief River Falls. East Grand Forks has a seat in Polk County. Thief River Falls has a seat in Pennington County.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College offers a 16 hour program that consists of medical terminology and anatomy as part of its coursework. Each student earns a certificate upon successful completion. These students are also qualified to take a national exam. This college is located in the city of Minneapolis; this city has a seat in Hennepin County.

Working as a Phlebotomist in Minnesota

A phlebotomy technician in the state of MN can earn a decent living by using his or her professional skills in the workforce. The average salary for phlebotomists in Minnesota is $27,000. Although the salaries may differ by city, the income is still sufficient for a viable lifestyle. The salary in some of the major cities in this state are listed below.

Average salary paid to phlebotomists in Minnesota
City Average Salary
Bloomington $26,000
Brooklyn Park $27,000
Duluth $24,000
Eagan $27,000
Minneapolis $26,000
Minnesota $27,000
Plymouth $26,000
Rochester $30,000
St. Cloud $21,000
St. Paul $26,000
Woodbury $27,000

Employment Opportunities for Minnesota Phlebotomists

It is extremely easy to obtain employment in the state of Minnesota. This is due to the need for phlebotomy services in this state. Many medical facilities, nursing homes and laboratories offer employment to professionals in this field. These facilities are always in need of professionals with venipuncture skills.

Blood banks are also in need in of phlebotomists with great venipuncture skills, an eye for detail and great people skills. For those who are interested in working at a blood bank, a blood donor certificate is an additional credential needed. Allied Systems Inc and Mayo Clinic Blood Donor are two of the many blood banks that may be in need of such professional services. With the credentials and skills previously noted, a phlebotomy technician should easily obtain employment.

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