Alabama phlebotomy training information, employment opportunities and salary information

Alabama phlebotomy training information, employment opportunities and salary information
October 2, 2012 Phlebotomy Training Group

Alabama has several schools that offer training programs or medical assisting programs that include phlebotomy courses.

Once a phlebotomist graduates from an approved training program, the state offers a number of employment options.

Phlebotomy Training in Alabama, US. Average salary in the state: $30.000



Salary Paid to Phlebotomists in Alabama

The salary for a phlebotomist in this state varies based on the employer’s location. The median annual salary for a phlebotomist in Birmingham, which is Alabama’s largest city, is $27,795. Areas with lower living costs typically have lower annual salaries. Decatur is the eighth-largest city in the state and has a population about one-fourth the size of Birmingham’s. The median annual salary for this city is $26,333. reports an average salary of $30.000 in the state.


After completing a training program, a phlebotomist has a number of options for employment in this state. University of Alabama Hospital is one of the largest employers in the state. The hospital employs more than 18,000 people and serves as an academic medical center. Baptist Medical Center South in Montgomery, AL is another potential employer for those who have completed phlebotomy programs. Infirmary Health, located in Mobile, consists of four hospitals and more than 30 medical clinics, providing a number of job opportunities for phlebotomists. The state also has a number of clinical laboratories and private physician practices that employ phlebotomy professionals.

Those who have completed the training required to become a donor technician should also consider seeking employment with a blood bank. LifeSouth Community Blood Centers is just one of the blood banks in the state. This blood bank provides blood for hospitals in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Other blood banks in this state include Biological Life Plasma Service, Doctors Laboratory, Inc., Blood Assurance, Talecris Plasma Resources, Plasma Care, Inc., and United Blood Service. Travel jobs are another option for phlebotomists, especially those who prefer a great deal of variety.

Traveling phlebotomists work for one agency, but they may travel to several different nursing homes, occupational health centers, and clinics to draw blood samples. These opportunities give Alabama workers a lot of freedom in choosing what to do after they complete their phlebotomy training programs.

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