Finding the best phlebotomy training schools in Oklahoma & working in the state as a phlebotomist

Finding the best phlebotomy training schools in Oklahoma & working in the state as a phlebotomist
February 10, 2013 Phlebotomy Training Group

Individuals in the allied-healthcare community have promising careers. This is especially true for phlebotomy technicians. As such, skilled professionals in this line of work have many opportunities available to them.

Although this promising career may begin with a thirst for entering the healthcare field, there are a few initial steps which must take place. These steps include finding an accredited program and taking the necessary classes.

Phlebotomy Training Oklahoma

These courses will include an understanding of the human body and medical terminology. Additional courses include safety procedures and venipuncture skills. Upon the successful completion of all phlebotomy courses, a state credential will be provided.

When an individual earns a phlebotomy credential, he or she is rendered a professional in the state of Oklahoma. In this state, an additional credential such as a state license is not a requirement to professionally practice phlebotomy procedures. Although a phlebotomy license or certification is not mandated by the state of Oklahoma, it is mandated by most hiring officials in this state. As such, it is highly recommended that all phlebotomists take the necessary phlebotomy certification exam to obtain such credential. Phlebotomy technicians can take this exam with the American Society for Clinical Pathology, the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians or the National Healthcareer Association. These credentialing agencies are recognized by this state.

Finding Schools in Oklahoma

As potential phlebotomists are in need of phlebotomy programs, they should be aware of the programs that could help them reach their goal. Training programs offer a certificate, diploma or a degree upon completion. As these programs differ according the credential offered, they also differ in terms of intensity and duration. If potential students are interested in a certificate program, they can expect the course to last a period of three to six weeks. Those who are interested in earning a diploma will usually enter a course ranging from three to six months. An associate’s degree in phlebotomy can be earned in 24 months.


As you search for schools in Oklahoma, you will find that Seminole State College and Great Plains Technology Center are two of the many institutions that offer a phlebotomy program.

  • Seminole State College offers a one semester program that includes training in blood collection techniques and safety procedures. This college also offers a two to three week clinical practicum. This college is located in the city and county of Seminole.
  • At Great Plains Technology Center, a 600-hour phlebotomy course is offered. This course prepares students to obtain entry-level phlebotomy positions. With the knowledge obtained from this course, students will be prepared for one of the national certification exams.

Working as a Phlebotomist in Oklahoma

As a phlebotomist in the state of Oklahoma, there are many opportunities to advance in this field. With the average salary paid to phlebotomists in Oklahoma reaching the $27,000 mark, phlebotomy technicians can live a comfortable lifestyle. If a phlebotomist wishes to enhance his or her lifestyle further, continuing education programs in this field would be necessary. A portion of this income could be used to cover the necessary fees. The list below can be used to get an idea of the average salaries in some of the major cities in this state. With the following in mind, informed educational/career decisions could be made.

Average salary paid to phlebotomists in Oklahoma
City Average Salary
Broken Arrow $24,000
Edmond $25,000
Enid $27,000
Lawton $26,000
Midwest City $25,000
Moore $25,000
Norman $25,000
Stillwater $21,000
Tulsa $23,000

Employment Opportunities for Oklahoma Phlebotomists

In the state of Oklahoma, there are many career opportunities for phlebotomy technicians. Career opportunities exist due to the constant demand concerning blood collection procedures. These procedures are requested in facilities that include hospitals, long-term care facilities and health insurance companies. Other facilities that request phlebotomy services include laboratories, nursing homes and blood bank facilities.

For those who are interested in obtaining employment in a blood bank facility, a blood donor certificate must be obtained. This certificate is in addition to the credential required by this state and hiring officials. In the state of Oklahoma, some blood banks include Oklahoma Blood Institute and the American Red Cross. Regardless of which facility you seek for employment, it is wise to have all credentials prior to an initial contact. This helps to increase the chances of obtaining an interview without delay. Such credentials could help you to easily gain employment as it allows you stand-out among the crowd.

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