Georgia Phlebotomy Training & Opportunities in Atlanta and Beyond

Georgia Phlebotomy Training & Opportunities in Atlanta and Beyond
October 20, 2012 Phlebotomy Training Group

Georgia ranks ninth on the list of most populous states in the U.S., creating plenty of opportunities for anyone who has or is about to completed a phlebotomy program and is in need of full-time employment.

The state is bordered by North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, and Alabama.

It is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east. Its central location makes it ideal for anyone looking for jobs in the field of phlebotomy.

Georgia Phlebotomy Training Resources and Employment Opportunities

Atlanta is the capital and largest city of the state. Other cities in Georgia include Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Macon, Roswell, Athens, and Albany. The state has more than 15,000 practicing physicians and is home to 151 general hospitals. Unfortunately, Georgia is ranked number 41 in the country for the number of residents who exercise regularly. This means many people are in need of preventive services and management of heart disease, obesity, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions.

Featured Schools in Georgia


Employment Opportunities for Phlebotomists In Georgia

Emory University Hospital has been ranked the best hospital in the state. It is also ranked nationally for five different medical specialties. Shepherd Center, Memorial University Medical Center, Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital, and Piedmont Hospital have also been recognized as some of the best hospitals in the state. When searching for employment openings, don’t limit yourself to hospitals. Phlebotomists are also needed at nursing homes, blood banks, and clinics. If you prefer working with a small group of people, a doctor’s office might be the right place for you.

Salary is always an important consideration when selecting a job. If you have recently completed an accredited training program, you may qualify for jobs with higher starting salaries than those available to phlebotomists with no formal education. In Atlanta, the median phlebotomy technician salary is $29,771 (annually). The salary you can expect to earn in Savannah is slightly lower, with a median annual salary of $27,023. Consider completing additional training classes and make sure you obtain a certification in phlebotomy to increase your earning power.

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