Finding phlebotomy training schools in Texas & working in the state as a phlebotomist after graduation

Finding phlebotomy training schools in Texas & working in the state as a phlebotomist after graduation
February 21, 2013 Phlebotomy Training Group

For those who are interested in becoming a phlebotomy technician, the state of Texas offers excellent training in this field. Phlebotomy courses can be taken at many institutions that offer such a program.

In any of these institutions, students will undergo intense training that will provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to be the best within their profession.

Phlebotomy Training in Texas

Throughout their training experience, phlebotomy students will receive in-class courses concerning the human body system and medical terminology. Laboratory practice will also be provided concerning the proper use of equipment in addition to the skills and techniques needed to perform accurate venipuncture procedures. Upon completion of all class work and laboratory training, phlebotomy students will receive a well-deserved credential in this field.

Once a phlebotomy credential is earned in the state of Texas, a phlebotomy technician is legally recognized as a professional in this state. No other credential is required. With a school credential, all phlebotomists should be able to obtain legal employment in this profession. Although a school credential does allow for employment, those who have this single credential may find it difficult to find a phlebotomy job. This relates to the strong desire that many hiring officials have concerning laboratory professionals. Many hiring officials only hire individuals who have earned a certification in addition to their school credential. Therefore, it is advisable for all phlebotomy technicians to obtain such credential immediately after graduation. This certification will allow them to be marketable in this field. To inquire about such certification, the following credentialing agencies can be contacted:

  • The American Society for Clinical Pathology
  • The National Healthcareer Association
  • The American Medical Technologists and
  • The National Phlebotomy Association
  • The NCCT

Finding Schools in Texas

There are numerous schools in the state of Texas that offer training in phlebotomy. Any individual who wishes to study in this field can easily find a program to fit his or her schedule. As such, many phlebotomy programs offer a varied schedule depending on the credential of interest. As a certificate, diploma or an associate’s degree may be offered, the length of each program may differ due to the intensity of the affiliated courses.


As a certificate program is the shortest of all phlebotomy programs, the workload will be lightest. Thus, this program usually last from three to six weeks. The duration of a diploma program can range from three to six months. The workload of this program may be of moderate intensity. As degree programs are the longest in length, they require an intense workload. Associate degree programs last for 24 months. To find a school with the credential you desire, contact Central Texas Phlebotomy Institute, LLC or Victoria College.

Central Texas Phlebotomy Institute, LLC offers an excellent phlebotomy course. It provides students with the necessary skills to perform as professionals in this discipline. Throughout training, students will learn venipuncture skills by having several hours of supervised practice. This institute is located in New Braunfels, Texas. It is situated in Comal and Guadalupe Counties.

Victoria College is another educational institution that offers training in this field of study. In addition to learning blood collection procedures, student will also learn about universal precautions associated with OSHA. This college is located in the city and county of Victoria.

Working as a Phlebotomist in Texas

As a phlebotomy technician in the state of Texas, an average salary of $23,000 is earned. As this salary varies by city, a phlebotomist has the opportunity to increase his or her income. The difference in salary can improve the lifestyle of such professional. The following list provides the average salaries in some of the largest cities in Texas. This list could prove to be beneficial as it can provide phlebotomists with the necessary information concerning which city they would like to seek employment.

Average salary paid to phlebotomists in Texas
City Average Salary
Texas $28,000
Arlington $29,000
Austin $26,000
Corpus Christi $23,000
Dallas $29,000
El Paso $24,000
Fort Worth $26,000
Houston $29,000
Laredo $23,000
Plano $29,000
San Antonio $24,000

Employment Opportunities for Texas Phlebotomists

Employment opportunities for phlebotomy technicians are always in demand. This relates to the high requests for blood collection procedures. With this high demand, many facilities are in need of phlebotomy services. These facilities include hospitals, long-term care centers and nursing homes. Other facilities include laboratories settings and blood banks.

To obtain a phlebotomy position in many of these facilities, a school credential and national certification are the only credentials required. However, to obtain a position in a blood bank, a DPT certificate is also needed. For further information concerning blood banks, contact Bio-Life Plasma Services and Biomat. These are two of the many blood banks in the state of Texas.

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