Finding phlebotomy training classes in Vermont

Finding phlebotomy training classes in Vermont
March 1, 2013 Phlebotomy Training Group

Entering the allied-healthcare community as a phlebotomy technician can be an exciting and rewarding career. Such professionals have the opportunity to engage with a diverse population while practicing their professional skills.

As a phlebotomist, one will be required to collect blood while safely and accurately making use of  proper equipment. Such skills are learned at a college or other educational institution that offers training courses for phlebotomists.

At the end of such program, a phlebotomist is ready for employment as he or she receives a well-deserved credential.

Phlebotomy Training in Vermont

As phlebotomists receive a phlebotomy credential, they can legally practice their profession in the state of Vermont. As such, they are legally recognized as professionals and no other credential is required. Although such credential should qualify a phlebotomist to obtain employment, this step is not easily realized. Many employers do not hire phlebotomists without a certification. Therefore, all phlebotomy technicians should receive a certification in order to make themselves marketable in this profession. To receive national certification in the state of Vermont, the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) should be contacted.

Finding Schools in Vermont

The state of Vermont has great training programs for phlebotomists. These programs can lead to a certificate, diploma or an associate degree in this field. If potential phlebotomy technicians are interested in a certificate program, they must be prepared to take classes for a period of three to six weeks. If such individuals would like to enroll in a diploma program, they must be avail themselves for three to six months. For an associate program, such individuals will be required to study for 24 months.


Central Vermont Medical Center is a medical facility that provides training for phlebotomy students. It offers a 13 week program that prepares students for entry-level phlebotomy positions. This medical center is found in Berlin; it is in the county of Washington.

Fletcher Allen Health Care is another medical facility that provides phlebotomy courses. This facility offers a clinical training program in partnership with Vermont HITEC. Upon completion of this eight week program, candidates are eligible for employment with Fletcher Allen Health Care. This facility is in Burlington; it has a county seat in Chittenden.

Working as a Phlebotomist in Vermont

Phlebotomists who work in the state of Vermont earn $28,000 annually. Technicians can always increase their salary based on the city in which they choose to work and by furthering their education and training. The following list provides the average salaries in some of Vermont’s major cities.

Average salary paid to phlebotomists in Vermont
City Average Salary
Barre $23,000
Bennington $30,000
Brattleboro $27,000
Burlington $24,000
Colchester $24,000
Essex $25,000
Hartford $21,000
Milton $24,000
Rutland $25,000
South Burlington $24,000

Employment Opportunities for Phlebotomists in Vermont

Phlebotomy technicians are in great demand as their professional skills are required in many facilities. These facilities include hospitals, nursing homes and private practices. Blood banks also require such services. As these services are needed, such professionals can easily find employment immediately after graduating from a phlebotomy program. In addition to a standard credential, national certification is the other document required by most employers. If these professionals choose to work in a blood bank, however, an additional credential is needed. This credential is a DPT certification.

As potential phlebotomy employees search for employment, they can contact the American Red Cross or Vermont Blood Center. As a phlebotomist contacts any of these facilities, he or she should be well-prepared to schedule an interview. This is one of the major steps in obtaining a job.

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