Red Cross in Georgia Offers Blood Donors a Chance to Win $1000 (Ends December, 31)

Red Cross in Georgia Offers Blood Donors a Chance to Win $1000 (Ends December, 31)
November 23, 2012 Phlebotomy Training Group

One of the easiest things to donate to help one’s local community is blood. It costs nothing for you to give, involves no preparation and only a small amount of time out of your day.

A single donation of blood can save up to three lives, depending on the needs and injuries of the patients. There are very few other contributions one can make for free that creates such a large impact.

However, most blood banks still feel pressure to maintain proper supplies and a lack of blood is most pressing around the holidays when the demand is the highest. Because of this, the American Red Cross has developed a program that they hope will help ease this shortage by encouraging people to get out and give blood.

American Red CrossUsually the only thing you get after donating blood is a cup of orange juice and maybe a cookie. But now, the Red Cross in southern Georgia is offering something extra, a chance to win $1,000, just in time for holiday shopping. Anyone who attempts to donate blood or platelets (cells found within blood) from now until December 31 will receive a chance to win a $1,000 gift card that can be used like cash to buy groceries, toys, presents, clothes or even pay rent. Certain locations are sweetening the deal even more by sending each person who donates home with a pie of their choice.

So this holiday season, instead of just dropping a few coins into Santa’s bucket at the mall, consider making a donation that any community can use. Donate blood at any Red Cross donation center. Also inquire if your employer is planning on setting up a mobile donation unit where Red Cross workers come on site to collect donations from employees during the work day.

A few minutes and a single pint of blood can save lives this holiday season. A chance to win $1,000 will hopefully encourage more people to visit a Red Cross center and give blood or platelets so blood demands can be met and everyone can enjoy a healthy, happy holiday.

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