Phlebotomy training in Hawaii. Employment & average salary to expect in the state

Phlebotomy training in Hawaii. Employment & average salary to expect in the state
October 21, 2012 Phlebotomy Training Group

Hawaii is made up entirely of islands, making it a unique geographic landmark in the United States. Because each island is surrounded by water, you cannot drive directly to Hawaii from other states.

This has an effect on the number of employment opportunities available to those who have completed formal training programs in this field.

If you live on one of the islands, you must keep your skills current and do everything you can to strengthen your resume. This can help you obtain employment even in times of low demand or economic downturn.

Phlebotomy Training in Hawaii and Employoment in the State

The largest cities in the state include Honolulu, Pearl City, Kailua, Hilo, Kahului, Mililani Town, and Kihei. Honolulu is the most well-known of these cities, serving as a popular vacation spot and the center of Hawaii’s tourism industry. The state healthcare system insures approximately 92 percent of residents. The government also requires all employers to provide health insurance coverage to employees who work more than 20 hours per week. This helps make the state’s healthcare expenses lower than those of other states, as residents need hospital treatment less frequently. Even though residents need fewer hospitalizations, phlebotomists still have a number of opportunities for employment.

Although the cost of living in Honolulu is lower than that of New York or Los Angeles, it is significantly higher than the cost of living in many other cities in the United States. Increased transportation costs and high shipping fees are just two of the reasons the cost of living is higher in this state than in others. As a result, the median annual salary for a phlebotomist in Honolulu is $32,657. Potential employers include:

  • Kau Hospital
  • Kula Hospital
  • Leahi Hospital
  • Lanai Community Hospital
  • Maui Memorial Medical Center
  • Molokai General Hospital
  • Kaiser Permanente

Blood Bank of Hawaii is one of the main blood banks in the state, so this is an option if you have a DPT certification and are interested in non-hospital employment. If you have not obtained this certification, complete the basic training necessary to become a phlebotomist and apply for the certification exam.

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