Phlebotomy Training in Indiana

Phlebotomy Training in Indiana
January 6, 2013 Phlebotomy Training Group

If you are someone who is interested in training as a phlebotomist, this is the perfect time to enter this profession. As a phlebotomy technician in the allied-health field, jobs are numerous. You can easily jump-start your career with the skills learned as phlebotomist. These skills are readily transferrable to other areas in the medical profession.

The skills learned at this level can eventually open the doors to advanced positions. Some skills learned at this level include venipuncture procedures and the techniques necessary to ensure the safety of you, the patient and the blood donor.

Training to become a phlebotomist in Indiana!

In order to practice any phlebotomy skills learned, this state places little hindrance on such requirements. In the state of Ind. a certificate, diploma or degree is the only credential necessary to fulfill this state’s requirement concerning the practice of phlebotomy. Once any of these credentials are earned, it is highly recommended that all phlebotomists obtain certification from a national certification agency. This certification, which is desirable by most employers, will allow a phlebotomy technician to easily obtain employment. In Indiana, certification can be obtained from the National Healthcareer Association and the American Medical Technologists.

Phlebotomy Schools in Indiana

As you look for a phlebotomy training school or program that offers training in phlebotomy, make sure it is an approved program that offers one of the credentials noted above. Regardless of which program you choose, the length of study will vary according to the institution. Generally, a certificate program lasts three to four weeks. The duration of a diploma program can range from four to six months. Of the three credentials that can be earned, an associate’s degree program is the longest; to obtain a degree in this field, it will take 24 months.


Some schools that may be of interest include:

Ivy Tech Community College is an excellent college that provides a program for phlebotomy students. This program offers a certificate upon completion. It is located in the city of Muncie. It has a seat in Delaware County.

The Center for Phlebotomy Education also offers a program for phlebotomy students. This college has a certificate program consisting of 96 hours of classroom training and 120 hours of clinical practice. This college is located in Corydon, Ind.; it is seated in Harrison County.

Working as a Phlebotomist in Indiana

In the state of Indiana, the lifestyle of a phlebotomist is a comfortable one. As such, the salary for such a technician averages $30,000 annually. There is the potential for this salary to increase with experience. If you are choosy when it comes to the city in which you would like to live or the salary you would like to earn, take a look at some of the major cities in this state with the accompanying average phlebotomy salary. This list could assist with the cities you would like to target in terms of employment.

Average salary paid to phlebotomists in Indiana
City Average Salary
Alexandria $27,000
Anderson $25,000
Angola $22,000
Attica $26,000
Auburn $26,000
Aurora $28,000
Batesville $25,000
Bedford $25,000
Beech Grove $23,000
Berne $24,000

Employment Opportunities for Phlebotomists in Indiana

For any phlebotomist who is seeking employment, the outlook of obtaining a job is extremely promising. Such positions can be found in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals and blood banks. The credentials for obtaining a job in any of these facilities are the same with the exception of blood banks. In addition to a certificate, diploma or an associate degree, a blood donor certificate is also required. If you are interested in working for a blood bank, International Bio Resources or the American Red Cross may be of interest. Contacting any one of these facilities can place you in the direction of becoming a successful phlebotomist.

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