Phlebotomy Training in Utah

Phlebotomy Training in Utah
February 22, 2013 Phlebotomy Training Group

Those who complete a phlebotomy program in the state of Utah, they are well-prepared to utilize their venipuncture skills in the healthcare community. These individuals acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to practice in many healthcare facilities.

This is due to the well-structured and intense training they receive. Throughout a training program, phlebotomy students take various courses. These courses include medical terminology in addition to the identification and the appropriate use of equipment.

Phlebotomy Training in Utah

A course in anatomy and physiology is also taken. This course allows phlebotomy students to gain an understanding of the human body system and to identify the location of the venous blood system. Upon successful completion of a phlebotomy program, these individuals will be considered professionals in this field. As such, they will receive a state recognized phlebotomy credential.

In the state of Utah such credential will allow a phlebotomist to legally practice his or her profession. Although no other credential is needed to practice phlebotomy in the eyes of the law, this may not be the case for phlebotomy employers. Many employers, if not all, require phlebotomists to obtain a national certification in the study of phlebotomy. This certification is viewed as a measure of a phlebotomist’s level of expertise. With such credential, a phlebotomist is more likely to be hired. To obtain a national certification in Utah, such professional can contact the American Medical Technologists, the National Phlebotomy Association or the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians after he/she has completed the training.

Finding Schools in Utah

In the state of Utah, there are many classes available to phlebotomy students. Of the many classes that exist, one of three phlebotomy credentials is offered. These include a certificate, diploma, or an associate degree in this discipline. Depending on the credential of interest, a phlebotomy technician can choose a school or program that offers the credential they desire. As one chooses a school, he or she must be aware of the class duration. If a certificate program is chosen, such individual must be available to take courses ranging from three to six weeks. If a diploma program is chosen, courses can range from three to six months. The duration of these programs may vary depending on the institution of choice. If, however, a degree program is chosen, the course will last for 24 months. This is the standard period in which a phlebotomy student can receive an associate degree in this field.


While a potential phlebotomist searches for a training program, he or she may be interested in either of the following educational institutions we picked up during our search.

At Phlebotomy Training Specialists, intense hands-on courses are offered to all students. At this institution, students can choose from a day or evening program in which they will receive a phlebotomy credential. This institution is located in the city of Murray; it has a seat in Salt Lake County.

Oquirrh Mountain Phlebotomy School LLC is another institution that offers phlebotomy courses to prospective phlebotomy technicians. At this institution, hands-on courses are offered monthly. Courses are offered at two locations, one of which is in West Valley, Utah. This city has a seat in Salt Lake County.

Working as a Phlebotomist in the state of Utah

A phlebotomy technician in the state of Utah can easily earn an average salary of $26,000. This salary can differ depending on the city in which a phlebotomy technician chooses to work. Although the data noted below are indicative of the average salary a professional in this field can earn, it is not written in stone. A phlebotomist always has the opportunity to increase his or her hourly or yearly income even though there is a little room for salary negotiation in this field. This is done with an increase in education, training and job-related experience.

Average salary paid to phlebotomists in Utah
City Average Salary
Layton $27,000
Ogden $29,000
Orem $23,000
Provo $23,000
Saint George $26,000
Salt Lake City $26,000
Sandy $25,000
Taylorsville $25,000
West Jordan $25,000
West Valley City $26,000

Employment Opportunities for Phlebotomists in Utah

As there is a high demand for phlebotomy technicians, there are numerous jobs available. Recent graduates in the field of phlebotomy can easily find employment. This is also true for seasoned phlebotomy technicians who are considering relocating to another city within this state. In either scenario, these professionals can find employment in nursing homes, long-term care facilities or clinics. Employment can also be found in public and private hospitals in addition to blood bank facilities. The availability of jobs are almost endless.

To obtain a phlebotomy position in any of the facilities noted above, it is important to have the necessary credentials. These include a school credential and a national certification. For those who are interested in working in a blood bank, a donor certificate is also required. In the state of Utah, The American Red Cross Blood Services Ogden Donor Center, Bio Life Plasma Service and Blood Donor Svc-Ogden Regional may be three blood banks of interest. Before contacting any facility regarding employment, it is important to review our phlebotomy interviewing tips and have a well-prepared resume to render upon request.

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