Finding phlebotomy training schools in Ohio & working in the state as a phlebotomist

Finding phlebotomy training schools in Ohio & working in the state as a phlebotomist
February 19, 2013 Phlebotomy Training Group

In the state of Ohio, there are many training programs for those who are interested in becoming a phlebotomist. These training programs help potential phlebotomy technicians to reach their career goals.

In an accredited program, students will take many classes that will cover various topics. These topics include medical terminology, proper identification and use of equipment.

Phlebotomy Training in Ohio

Additional topics include an understanding of the human body system and laboratory skills. Upon the completion of all coursework, students will earn a state recognized credential in the field of phlebotomy.

Once an individual earns a credential from an accredited school, this state will recognize such individual as a professional in this field. With such recognition, a phlebotomist can legally practice his or her profession in various medical facilities. This state does not require a license or an additional certificate to obtain employment.

Although the state of Ohio renders a school credential sufficient for employment, this is not the case for many hiring employers. Many employers require an additional credential. This credential comes in the form of a national phlebotomy certification. By obtaining such certification, many doors of opportunity will open as employers view such credential as a measure of a phlebotomist’s high level of expertise. In this state, the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians, the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the National Phlebotomy Association are credentialing agencies that offer such certification.

Finding Schools in Ohio

The state of Ohio has many phlebotomy programs. Many of these programs are designed to fit the needs of potential phlebotomists. As such, these programs vary in terms of fees, duration and credential offered. Phlebotomy credentials include a certificate, diploma or a degree. If an individual wishes to enroll in a phlebotomy certificate program, the coursework can range from three to six weeks. This program is the shortest of all phlebotomy programs. A potential student can also enroll in a diploma program. This program can last for a period of three to six months. If a potential phlebotomist chooses to obtain a degree in this field, an associate degree will be earned. A degree program will last for a period of 24 months.


While in search for any of these phlebotomy programs, students should consider Lincoln College or the Ohio School of Phlebotomy.

Ohio School of Phlebotomy is one of the many schools that offer training for phlebotomy students. This school provides classroom training and practical skills that allow such professionals to obtain entry-level phlebotomy positions. This school is located in the city of Columbus. This city holds a seat in Franklin County.

Lincoln College is another school that offers phlebotomy courses. While in attendance at this school, students will take courses that include blood testing, safety techniques and CPR. This school has several locations, one of which is in Dayton, Ohio. This city has a seat in Montgomery County.

Working as a Phlebotomist in Ohio

Phlebotomy technicians in the state of Ohio can earn $28,000 annually. This income is indicative of the average salary that a phlebotomist in this state can earn. This salary can certainly increase in accordance with a continuation in education that will lead to advanced skills. As you view the average salaries in some of the major cities in Ohio, you can make several informed decisions. These decisions may include a choice concerning the city in which you would like to work and the average initial salary you would like to earn.

Average salary paid to phlebotomists in Ohio
City Average Salary
Akron $23,000
Canton $26,000
Cincinnati $26,000
Cleveland $24,000
Columbus $26,000
Dayton $29,000
Lorain $27,000
Parma $25,000
Toledo $26,000
Youngstown $25,000

Employment Opportunities for Ohio Phlebotomists

The skills that phlebotomy technicians acquire are in high demand. This is partly due to the large number of blood collection procedures requested by many facilities. Some facilities that request such procedures include hospitals, clinics and private practices. Hospice facilities and blood banks also request such professional services. Due to the large number of facilities that are in need of such services, employment opportunities for phlebotomy technicians are great. As such, employment in any of these facilities can be easily obtained.

With the exception of blood banks, the usual school credential and the appropriate national certification are the only credentials required by employers. For those interested in working for a blood bank, however, DPT training is also needed. As you search for blood banks that may be hiring, contact Blood and Cancer Center Inc and CSL Plasma Service. The Human Resource Department of these facilities can inform you of their hiring procedures.

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