Tennessee Phlebotomy Training Resources

Tennessee Phlebotomy Training Resources
February 27, 2013 Phlebotomy Training Group

Training to become a phlebotomist is an excellent way to enter the allied-healthcare community. This training can lead to a rewarding and stable career. It begins with taking various courses to train as a phlebotomist.

These courses include anatomy and physiology and laboratory training. They prepare students to be professionals in their field. Once all coursework is completed, students receive a credential in this discipline.

Phlebotomy Training in Tennessee

Once a phlebotomy credential is earned from an accredited institution, the state of Tennessee recognizes graduating phlebotomists as the professionals they have become. These individuals are not required to be licensed. Therefore, phlebotomists are eligible to obtain employment in any industry that requires their services. A national certification, however, is highly recommended for employment as most employers request such a credential. In Tennessee, the National Healthcareer Association is the credentialing agency that provides such a certification.

Finding Schools in Tennessee

Training programs can be found in many institutions in the state of Tennessee. They are offered as a certificate, diploma or an associate degree program. Certificate programs can provide the fastest way to obtain a phlebotomy credential. The length of this program can vary between two to six weeks. A diploma program will allow students to reach their goal in a time frame of three to six months. In an associate degree program, phlebotomy students can reach their goal in a 24 month period.


In this state, Tennessee Technology Center @Murfreesboro offers phlebotomy students the opportunity to become skilled professionals. This is done by providing students with the technical skills required by all phlebotomists. This institution is in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Murfreesboro is part of Rutherford County.

The University of Tennessee also offers phlebotomy courses. At this educational institution, students will be enrolled in a 90-hour program. They will learn how to draw blood for various testing procedures. Completion of this program will prepare them for a career in phlebotomy. This university is in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is found in Knox County.

Working as a Phlebotomist in Tennessee

As a phlebotomy technician in the state of Tennessee, there is always room for advancement on the corporate ladder. As such, individuals in this profession can always advance their career and improve their rank in the phlebotomy pay scale with an increase in training and education. In Tennessee, salaries average $28,000. To get an idea concerning the average salary offered to phlebotomists in some of Tennessee’s major cities, view the following list.

Average salary paid to phlebotomists in the state of Tennessee
City Average Salary
Bartlett $25,000
Chattanooga $23,000
Clarksville $27,000
Franklin $26,000
Jackson $28,000
Johnson City $30,000
Knoxville $28,000
Memphis $25,000
Murfreesboro $27,000
Nashville $26,000

Employment Opportunities for Tennessee Phlebotomists

Phlebotomy technicians can always find employment as their services are always needed. Employment opportunities can be found in facilities that include veteran hospitals, nursing homes and health centers. Additional facilities include long-term care programs and blood banks.

Obtaining employment as a phlebotomist is fairly easy as minimum training and credentials are needed. To become employed in most facilities, national certification is recommended in addition to the required standard credential. For blood banks, a donor certificate is also needed.

A phlebotomy interview could possibly take place with the American Red Cross Donation Center or CSL Plasma Service. These blood bank facilities may be in the process of hiring phlebotomy technicians.

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