Wyoming Phlebotomy Training Information

Wyoming Phlebotomy Training Information
February 25, 2013 Phlebotomy Training Group

If you are interested in a career in allied healthcare, a career as a phlebotomy technician may be the right thing for you. Phlebotomy technicians are professionals in the medical field who provide venipuncture procedures that assist with the diagnosis of diseases.

These individuals receive extensive training in a phlebotomy program that prepares them to become skilled professionals. Upon completion of their training, phlebotomy technicians are rewarded with the appropriate credential.

Wyoming Phlebotomy Training

When phlebotomists earn a credential in this field, they can legally seek work in this profession. As such, their credential is recognized by the state of Wyoming. In this state, licensing and certification are not required. A national certification, however, is recommended as it is a requirement by most employers. To obtain national certification in this state, phlebotomists can contact the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians or the American Society for Clinical Pathology after they have successfully completed an accredited phlebotomy program.

Finding Schools in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming offers individuals the opportunity to become phlebotomy technicians. This opportunity is given through the quantity and variation of phlebotomy programs that exist in this state. The training includes either a certificate, diploma or an associate degree program. These programs vary in length and topics covered. Training in certificate programs usually range from two to six weeks. Many diploma programs last from three to six months. Although these two programs may vary in duration, the length of an associate degree is usually set at 24 months. This time frame is standard for two year degree programs.


In the state of Wyoming, there are many institutions that provide phlebotomy courses:

  • Central Wyoming College is one of the many colleges that assist phlebotomy students in reaching their goal. This institution provides 48 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of clinical practice. This intense training provides students with the skills necessary to practice as skilled phlebotomy technicians. This college is located in Riverton. It has a seat in Freemont County.
  • Casper College is another institution that provides a phlebotomy class. At this college students receive phlebotomy skills through extensive training that includes 40 hours of didactic learning and 100 hours of clinical training. Upon completion, students are eligible for the national certification exam. This college is located in the city of Casper. It has a seat in Natrona County.

Working as a Phlebotomist in the state of Wyoming

As a phlebotomist in this state, the average salary you can expect is $28,000. This income can differ by city. To determine which city could provide the best lifestyle, view the list below. This list shows some of Wyoming’s major cities and their associated salaries.

Average salary paid to phlebotomists in the state of Wyoming
City Average Salary
Casper $27,000
Cheyenne $23,000
Gillette $36,000
Laramie $24,000
Rock Springs $28,000
Sheridan $24,000

Employment Opportunities for Wyoming Phlebotomists

There are many job opportunities available for phlebotomy technicians. These professionals will continue to see an increase in job growth due to the high demand for phlebotomy procedures. These procedures are in demand due to the high quantity of diagnostic procedures that are requested for individuals among the elderly population. Requests for such services come from many facilities that include hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Blood banks also have a need for phlebotomy technicians.

Obtaining employment in many facilities that require venipuncture procedures is quite easy. A school credential and national certification are the usual requirements. If, however, an individual wishes to obtain employment in a blood bank, he/she will have to enroll in a DPT training program. To obtain information concerning employment in blood banks, Biolife Paid Plasma Donation Center and United Blood Services should be contacted for details. In the process of speaking with a hiring official, be sure to ask all your questions thoroughly as the answers can help to put your career on a fast track towards your ultimate goal.

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